Healthy Volunteers as Model Organisms: Comparative Research Ethics and Policy for Phase I Trials

NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences
PIs: Jill A. Fisher and Rebecca L. Walker

The Comparative Model Organism Research Ethics (CMORE) for Health Volunteers project addresses the need for a novel evidence-based approach to the protection of Phase I healthy volunteers.

Incidental Enhancement: Addressing a Neglected Policy Issue in Human Genome Editing

NIH National Human Genome Research Institute
PIs: Eric T. Juengst and R. Jean Cadigan

Role: co-Investigator

The Incidental Enhancement project aims to develop ethics and governance analyses and guidance for gene-editing science with implications for disease treatment or prevention and the potential for enhancement applications.

NC Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute: Research Ethics Service

NIH National Center for Research Resources
Service Director: Eric Juengst

Role: Resource Faculty

Part of the Clinical and Translational Science Awards consortium, the NC Translational and Clinical Sciences (TraCS) Institute aims to more rapidly and efficiently “translate” scientific discoveries into improvements in the health of North Carolinians.

Center for Excellence on ELSI Research Center for Genomics and Society, Gene Screen

NIH National Human Genome Research Institute
PI: Gail Henderson

Role:  co-Investigator

The Center for Genomics and Society conducted the Gene-Screen project by investigating the Ethical, Legal, and Social Implications (ELSI) associated with a public health model of genomic screening for highly deleterious, but medically ‘actionable’, genetic mutations in the general population.

Factors Affecting Health Volunteers’ Long-Term Participation in Clinical Trials

NIH National Institute of General Medical Sciences
PI: Jill A. Fisher

Role: co-Investigator

The HealthyVOICES (Volunteers On their Involvement and Clinical Experiences in Studies) project investigated healthy volunteers’ patterns of participation in Phase I clinical trials.